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Based on our many years of experience in the field, we produce custom-made perfumes tailored to our customers’ needs. We provide everything from fragrance manufacturing to boxing, bottle and box designing,and packaging. We can also provide the necessary documentation for selling in the EU.

Our customers know first-handhow a high quality, original perfumecan bean excellent product for their portfolio anda great advertisement item.

The Mandario Company produces perfumes tailored to your wishes, even exceeding the standard of luxury brands. Ourefficient manufacturing process helpsus offer our customers a balanced ratio of price and quality. A good perfume is not just about the quality fragrance; we adhere to the most stringent standards when manufacturing.

Prices are tailored tothe size of the order, the strength of the fragranceand the packaging used. We constantly aim at delivering high quality perfume with beautiful design at anaffordable price.

One of our greatest advantages is that we are able to fulfil orders starting from 100 pieces. 


Let’s take a look into the world of a perfume manufacturing!


Perfume compositionS

The basis of any perfume is its fragrance. Professional perfumers compose unique perfume composition from essences using their nose. These essences come from renowned companies from all over the world and threehighly experienced perfumers combine them together. They are always able to deliver precisely what a customer asks for.

Generally speaking, a perfume manufacturing process stems from the production of a perfume composition from individual fragrances and mixing them up with alcohol and a tiny amount of water. This technological process may last for several weeks or even months in order to deliver the required quality of the perfume.

Composing individual fragrances into a final perfume is not an easy task. Different fragrances have different evaporation rates and each fragrance evaporates at a different rate after the perfume is applied on the skin. Individual fragrances are released over time in the following order:


The head is the first scent that a customer smells when a perfume is applied. It is made of highly unstable fragrances that evaporate completely in 15 minutes. Fragrances such as subtle flowery, citrus and fruit essences belong in this category. Although the perfume head does not last long on the customer’s skin, it is this part of a perfume that usually leads to the purchase decision. The first impression is the crucial one!


The heart determines the overall character of the scent. In other words, we categorize a perfume as fruity, woody, spicy, flowery or oriental, based on its hearth. These fragrances last between 2-3 hours on the skin and can vary in characteristics. However, they must be in harmony with the tones of the perfume’s head and transition smoothly to the base of the perfume.


The base of a perfume consists of the most stable essences. Their scent becomes apparent only after an hour after the application. The base smoothly transitions with the tones of the heart which is stabilized by the base. In some perfumes, this part may last even for several days after the application.  We can often find fragrances like amber, sandal wood, musk, cedar, vanilla, patchouli etc., in the perfume’s base.

Perfume bottles

Although the fragrance leads to the decision of a purchase, a nice bottle catches the customer’s attention first.

We offer our customers a wide selection of bottles varying in sizes and shapes; the availability starts from the order quantity of 100 pieces. We have the exclusive representation of the Eurovetrocap Company for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This company is the leading supplier of packaging for perfumes and cosmetics. We are able to provide perfume bottles also from many other suppliers or in some cases we can handle a custom-made bottle manufacturing. However, a custom bottle production is often tied to the minimal order quantity of 10 000 pcs or more.

Bottle design is created according to your wish and financial possibilities. There are many techniques and technology processes for bottle design like transparent or non-transparent colouring, sanding, various forms of printing (laser, silk-printing, pad printing etc.) andusing stickers or labels. For more information see the page perfume bottles.



A finished perfume is packed into a custom-made box. The box design can vary in the paper thickness and in the surface design features like partial varnish, embossing, thermal printing and other methods of visual or mechanical differentiation. Your fantasy is the only limit to the graphic design. We can also use more exotic materials than just paper.

Transparent foil packaging gives the final touch to the luxury design.



In order to place your product on the EU market, we will provide all thenecessary legal documentation and permits. Documents involved are:

  • A Cosmetic Product Safety Report
  • A Cosmetic Product Notification Portal registration or CPNP
  • Providing a responsible person with an adequate education
  • Dermatological tests — optional (these are not required by law)



The term ‘perfume’ is a general term for majority of all scents in the market. However, there are certain “norms” or guidelines that seemingly categorize scents by their percentage of essential oils dissolved in alcohol. These norms are not firmly set in any legislation, therefore each producer has their own definition. There might be an overlap in certain cases of following definitions.

EDC - cologne water


3 - 5 % essential oils

EDT - toilette water


4 - 9 % essential oils

EDP - perfume water


10 - 15 % essential oils

P - perfume

  16 - 40 % essential oils


Mandario Company mainly produces perfumes with 20% concentration of the essential oils. However, this percentage can be adjusted according to your preference.

The concentration and quality of a fragrance is not the only measure of the perfume quality. Correct technological processes also play an important part. A perfume must be mixed and stabilized under firmly set conditions so the final product has a stable scent and all individual components are released in the correct order while the fluid stays as pristine as possible.

We have been perfecting this technological process for many years in order to satisfy our customers and also to guarantee high quality product that can bear the logo and the name of your private brand. This is one of the stark differences between us and an average producer.

Apart from the complex perfume production according to your design we can offer you collaboration even during individual phases of the manufacturing process like the designing of the product and providing the packaging, filling your own bottles, using your own perfume or packaging of the final product.