Mandario Company has much more to offer than just  the perfume manufacturing. We are able to create a perfect scent not only for our customers themselves but also for their products and business or private interiors. Let’s take a look at the scent marketing world. 

bytové difuzéry


Smell is an amazing sense. It is directly linked to the emotional part of your brain. A pleasant scent  induces positive feelings and relaxation. This all happens completely unconsciously. If your commercial interiors or your products have a pleasant scent, the customers feel well without knowing the reason why. This can highly increase the chances for a successful business. 

Many people have a well developed olfactory memory. They can be reminded of a specific place by a familiar scent. The scent marketing is therefore an ideal tool for creating a memorable identity of your product or service.

Mandario Company creates a unique scent for everyone and everything. We specialize in the production of home reed diffusers, car perfumes and in the manufacturing fragrances for use in the commercial and private interiorsFurthermore, we produce fillings to many kinds of scented products like envelopes, sachets and so on.