Many years ago we came to an idea of creating our own private label perfume brand named Charismo. We had done a precise research in the cosmetic field, but in the end we did not find any producer that would fully satisfy our demands. What we had experienced was an insufficient communication, broken promises, samples that were never delivered, unexpected changes in the price estimates, poor technological practice and so on.

Due to this experience we decided to set up our own manufacture. We traveled around the world to gain a "know-how" and to find producers of the individual perfume components. We were also searching for reliable future business partners. Our goal was to produce a high quality perfume for a reasonable price.

During the first 10 months on the market we made lots of mistakes. Our brand was not making as much profit as we presumed. Fortunatelly during this time we gained very valuable experiences in the manufacturing process itself. We decided to share these experiences with our customers and offer a full service private label perfume production.

Our mission changed from fulfilling our own dreams to fulfilling the dreams of the others. We focused on simplifying the production process and making it as fast and cheap as possible. We completely dropped our the initial intention of creating our own private brand and became a manufacturer of private label perfumes and cosmetic products.

To ensure that all the components will meet the highest standards we set up the manufacture in the Czech Republic. We had tested many different suppliers to make a wise choice while considering a long term business partnership. We had checked the quality of their products, tested their services and searched for reliable references. Now we are convinced that for every single component of a perfume or a cosmetic product we have at least two or three stable partners.



Our job might be compared to doing a puzzle. We have a supplier for each one of the components crucial for the perfume and cosmetic manufacture. All of them we compose togeher adding the aesthetical elemets that make the private label products unique. In the other words we are able to offer you a wide range of products and services. We can make luxury expencive products as well as low-cost ones. You can either sell the perfumes and cosmetics under your private brand or you can have these to represent your company as a luxurious gifts for your clients or employees. We can create your own personalized fragrance and use it in scenting any kind of product. Your fragrance may become a private label perfume, cosmetic product, home reed diffuser, car perfume, or any other kind of scented item.


A customer would like to introduce to the market a new private label perfume. Anyone cannot persume whether the sales will be successsful or not. Therefore he would like to have manufactured only 300 pieces in the first order. For the direct perfume producer with their own factory it is not an interesting business. The customer will also struggle with the perfume bottles, which are mostly available in higher quantities only. The fragrance itself might be a difficulty as well. Most of the producers do not offer a quantity that equals 300 pieces of 50 ml.



Mandario Company is here to help these new brands. We can provide all the necessary components even for the production of small quantities of orders. Once you start off your succesfull business, you can then grow bigger with us. We will save you not just the time and energy but in the end even the money. The custom perfume production, either in small or large quantities, is what we specialize in and what we do the best. 



Since our early years on the market we have been searching for reliable primary packaging suppliers. In the beginning our intention was to provide high quality perfume bottles and cosmetic packaging for the products we made for our customers` private labels. Later on we realized we are connected with so many trustworthy manufacturers that we might offer their goods to the Czech companies that are desperately searching for high quality packafing for reasonable prices.

Thanks to these parnerships we are continuously   broadening our portfolio and most of the goods we are able to provide even in small quantities. Therefore we are giving an opportunity to the small brands to grow with us.

To anyone searching for cosmetic packaging we offer a professional consulting, meeting in person in our showroom, where we have some products on display, free samples, varieties of decorations, or a full service. We can provide the cosmetic product itself, filling, packaging, decoration, cellophaning and the legislation.

Our main business partner is an italian company Eurovetrocap. We have an exklusive dealership for their goods in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This company offers perfume and cosmetic packaging even in small quantities of orders. Most of their portfolio is held on stock. Our customers can choose from a wide range of products – perfume bottles, transparent or opaque plastic bottles, jars, airless bottles, glass cosmetic bottles, reed diffuser glasses and so on.

Some of our customers prefer the tubes as the primary packaging for their products. We are ready to fulfill their demands as well. We have an exklusive partnership with a manufacturer that is able to produce a tailor made tube with an unique design. There are no further aesthetical adjustments needed. The manufacture itself is located in the eastern Europe. The price including the shipping costs as well as the duty fees is still incomparable to the competition.

Mandario Company is a fully transparent and open Czech company with a Czech financial capital. We believe that every single one of our customers, partners, suppliers, employees or other collaborants returns from every one of our meetings with a good feeling.

All that we do we do with love, care and with the best intentions.


Mandario Company s.r.o.