V souvislosti s aktuální nouzovou situací využíváme naše kapacity pro výrobu parfémů a kosmetiky na antibakteriální a antivirucidní produkty. Nabízíme výrobu antibakteriálních gelů na bázi alkoholu i gelů bez alkoholu. Jsme výrobce antibakteriálních mýdel, gelů na ruce s antibakteriální a antivirucidní přísadou a v neposlední řadě zajišťujeme výrobu dezinfekce Anti-Covid. Dodáváme také kosmetické obaly pro dezinfekce, antibakteriální gely na ruce, antibakteriální mýdla atd.

kosmetické obaly

The Mandario Company offers wide selection of packaging for cosmetic products. We have exclusive dealership contract for the Italian company Eurovetrocap for the Czech and Slovak markets. The advantage of this collaboration is the possibility to provide the packaging of various materials, shapes and sizes even for small orders of hundreds of pieces. The Eurovetrocap Company is also holding most of its portfolio in stock leading to much shorter delivery times. Furthermore, we can help you getting to very interesting prices as well.

In our portfolio you can find everything from plastic bottles, tubes, tube bottles, cups, airless packaging up to a glass packaging for cosmetics glass cups or bottles and others.

The size and volume of the packaging vary greatly; from 15ml up to several liters. The widest selection is in the most demanded volume sizes between 15 and 500 ml.

You can browse the products of the Eurovetrocap Company directly in their on-line catalogue. If you are looking for something else though, we have prepared for you some other options that we can present to you on your request.


The Mandario Company can provide more than just a packaging itself. We collaborate with several prestigious laboratories and various cosmetic product developers. We are able to provide a full cosmetic product according to your wish. We will take care of the packaging, overall design and even the documentation required by the law. You can find more information in the section cosmetics.

Now we would like to present the most demanded part of our cosmetic packaging portfolio:

 Luxury plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are the most demanded packaging. The advantage is not just luxury design for low price but also high level protection of the cosmetic base against the sunlight that could degenerate the matter. The most suitable use is for body milk, hand creams, face creams etc.



Tubes belong to the historically oldest and wide-spread packaging used for cosmetics even today. They are made of laminate, aluminium or plastic. There are numerous variations in shapes, sizes or surface customizations, therefore, we created a whole section about the tubes HERE.

plastic tube-bottles

Plastic tube-bottles are an interesting packaging solution. Although they look similar to tubes (both stand on the lid) they differ in their filling method. Tube-bottles do not require welding. It is possible to fill them in the same way the plastic bottles are filled, which leads to much simpler production process as no special machine is required for the filling and welding.

Tube-bottles have many design options for altering their looks even in small order quantities of 500 pcs (to compare: classic tubes can be made in custom design starting from 5 to 10 thousand pieces).

Transparent plastic bottles

The plastic cosmetic packaging can be delivered also in transparent variation. Production costs of these bottles is lower so its price is also very low.

Due to the low price they are deemed useful for cheap product line like shower gels, shampoos, liquid soap, etc. Generally speaking, any product that is not harmed by direct sun light can be packed in a transparent plastic bottle.

airless packaging

The airless packaging is one of the most sophisticated primary plastic packaging at all. Thanks to the unique technology that utilizes air pressure difference no extra pump is needed for the product nor the customer needs to rotate the product upside down to get the last drop of the product. The moving part of the bottom side of the bottle moves upward after the customer presses the applicator and this pushes up the cosmetic base out of the bottle. The moving bottom of the bottle does not leave any leftover cosmetic base on its sides which is a pleasant bonus for the customer.

The airless packaging is available in sizes from 15 to 100 ml.

Plastic cosmetic cups

Plastic cups are the most common packaging for lip balsams, face creams, various emulations, and ointments etc. The cups can be either transparent, half- transparent or completely non-transparent, usually white.

The shape is either round or oval or squared in some cases and its volume ranges between 5 and 100 ml.

We deliver plastic cups either in classic single layered version or in luxury double layered version. Double layered cups combine the advantage of a non-transparent inner layer with a transparent outer layer; this is not just an original design element but it also provides a superior protection against sunlight.

glass cosmetic cups

Glass cups work in the same way as plastic cups. It is upon your consideration which material is more suitable for your particular product. Glass cups are usually somewhat more expensive. On the other hand, glass cups offer variety of surface adjustments — colouring, sanding, screen printing and so on.

Everyone who is introducing new packed products to the EU market is also responsible for the waste disposal in accordance with the law. We belong to the system for recycling and waste disposal of the EKO-KOM Company. You can verify this information here.