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The Mandario Company offers its customers complex services in the field of tailored perfume and cosmetics production. One of the most important parts in the whole manufacturing process is the selection and design of the cosmetic packaging / perfume bottles. The way the whole product is packed highly affect its sales. Therefore this step is not to be underestimated.

We offer a wide selection of packaging that will fulfil your aesthetic, functional and financial preferences.

We collaborate with a long list of producers, from the world’s leading producers to small family businesses. Mandario Company is an exclusive dealer of the Eurovetrocap Company for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Therefore, we generally offer products of this company, as we can use their packaging solutions even for small-scale production. This is a big advantage; with other producers, you would need to order at least a single pallet of components for each components used in the manufacturing process. Another bonus is that Eurovetrocap has most of its products in stock. Our customers do not have to wait for production of these components, saving a lot of precious time. 

Apart from the packaging itself, we also offer accessory components like spray pumps, perfume collars, pipettes and other accessories. After the filling and assembly is finished products are ready for sale. 

The Mandario Company handles the filling and assembly of the products including printing, labelling and wrapping in transparent foil.

Furthermore, we offer the assembly of the final product even in case you bring your own perfume, cosmetic base, packaging or components. The assembly is done by hand or by a machine depending on your specific needs. The price of the assembly is set individually unless it is already a part of the custom production.

Whether you are looking to collaborate in the production of your own custom product line or just seeking cosmetics packaging for your products; either way we recommend looking through the catalogue of our main partner, the Eurovetrocap Company. If you want to know more about the possibility of getting the packaging from a different supplier than, please, leave us a message.

If you provide us with the details of your inquiry we will gladly send you a detailed quote for bottles, packaging and accessories. Also, you are welcomed to visit our showroom where you can experience the goods in person. In our showroom, we can most effectively help you to choose the right product or packaging.


Everyone who is introducing new packed products to the EU market is also responsible for the waste disposal in accordance with the law. We belong to the system for recycling and waste disposal of the EKO-KOM Company. You can verify this information here.