When there is a new cosmetic product or a perfume introduced to the EU market there must be a specific legislation paperwork accomplished. This papervork guarantees the safetiness and harmlessness of the product and also specifies the exact qualitative and quantitative content.

We have a long time experience in this field and we wil gladly share it with you. We will help you to overcome the stuggles with all the necessary papers.

Whether you are cooperating your project with us or you manufacture cosmetic products on your own, we are willing to provide a professional consulting service.



Mandatory documents

  • Cosmetic product safety report
  • CPNP — cosmetic product notification portal registration
  • Dermatological tests
  • Stress tests
  • Safety data sheet (for chemical products like home diffusers, car perfumes etc.)
  • the provision of a responsible person with appropriate education for the production


Everyone who is introducing new packed products to the EU market is also responsible for the waste disposal in accordance with the law. We belong to the system for recycling and waste disposal of the EKO-KOM Company. You can verify this information here.