zakázková výroba kosmetiky

Do you plan to launch a new cosmetic brand and are you looking for a reliable partner to provide a private label cosmetics production? Do you want to enrich your portfolio with a cream, a shampoo, or any other cosmetic product? Would you like to develop a unique and functional cosmetic product? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the following lines are for you.



We are a manufacturer of private label cosmetics from the Czech Republic. We produce creams, shampoos, serums, oils and many other cosmetic products for various Czech and foreign brands. You may know our products from drugstores, eshops, pharmacies, or maybe you have been gifted with some of them. We provide a complete private label production including packaging and design. We take care of the legislation which is mandatory for selling cosmetics within the EU. Our customers may then focus only on their mamarketing and sales strategies. Thanks to our variable production technologies we can complete orders in tens of thousands or smaller hundreds of pieces.



Firstly we learn about your ideas of your new product. Based on this information, we will work together to develop a new unique cosmetic product or offer you one of already finished formulas. We prefer and support the production of an original and unique recipes for each of our customers. That is why we have set up very favourable and affordable conditions for the cosmetics development service.



We cooperate with three top Czech laboratories. Thanks to these parters, we are able to create various types of cosmetics and offer our customers everything from the production of shampoos, shower gels and soaps to creams, make-up removers, styling products and many other. We can also create formulas that meet the strict criteria of organic cosmetics or natural cosmetics.



To help you with your decision for a suitable packaging we have a showroom in Prague with many bottles on display. We can provide most the cosmetic packaging in quantities of lower hundreds. We have an exclusive representation for several European companies. For more information we have prepared a separate cosmetic packaging section.



Based on the chosen material and shape of the cosmetic packaging, we offer various types of decoration such as varnish, sandblast, print, hot stamp and many more. We will supply you with a manual to create the print data including the legal texts. If you do not have the possibility to create your own design for the label and the box, our team is at your disposal. We will be happy to create the design for you, including visualization.



The price of each cosmetic product is completely individual. It depends on the formula and the choice of packaging and its volume. Before we start working together, we are able to give you a price estimate according to the details of your idea.



Once all of the initial work is done, we have completed the product development, selected the packaging and its decoration, we move forward to the production and legislative part.



Before a new cosmetic product can be placed on the EU market, mandatory legal documents must be drawn up. This consists of tests (most commonly microbial purity and preservative challenge test), the Cosmetic Safety Data Report and registration in the CPNP portal. However, you don't have to worry about this, we will take care of all these formalities for you.



If you are handling some parts of the production yourself and are looking for a partner only for filling and packaging, production of your cosmetic formula or a supplier of cosmetic packaging, we are also at your disposal.