zakázková výroba kosmetiky

Whether health or beauty is important for your clients, we can offer you production of various cosmetic products under your private brand. We prepared a rich selection of quality, innovative cosmetic products that will certainly become lucrative accessories of your portfolio or turn into a welcomed promotional item.

We offer cosmetic products that are tailored precisely to your business needs:

  • Dermatological cosmetics — hydrating creams, hand creams, body milks, night creams and pealing masks

  • Active cosmetics— wrinkle creams, cellulitis creams, anti-ageing serums with collagen, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, CBD, squalane, Aloe Vera etc.

  • BIO cosmetics*

  • Natural cosmetics— a wide selection of natural-based cosmetic products including natural preservatives without parabens, heavy metals, crude oil components or other synthetics.

  • Hair cosmetics— shampoos, conditioners, classic hair varnishes or varnishes with glitter, waxes, styling gels, hardening foams, vitalization creams, masks and cures for damaged and dry hair, toning products

  • Body cosmetics— deodorants in spray, solid or ball roller, antiperspirant, body balsams, skin water, shower gels, hand creams, women’screams for eye surroundings and face etc.

  • Barber cosmetics— shaving and barber waxes, moustache greases, shaving gels for men and women, shaving foams, after shave water and balsam

  • Sun bathing cosmetics— sun screen oils and creams, after sun lotions

  • Massage cosmetics

    And many more

    * Law does not set criteria for the BIO Cosmetics label, therefore each producer has their own definition of this term. Some producers use norms set by various certification companies.

    It is possible to use a current recipe with majority of the product and enrich it with various components changing its composition according to your wishes. Developing a completely new and original product is also possible. However, this option is very tedious and expensive.

    Let’s look into the cosmetic product manufacturing process.


cosmetic base

In the core of any cosmetic product, there is the cosmetic base. It is valid for body cosmetics, hair cosmetics or any other cosmetic product. Customers always appreciate a quality product. In the end it is he or she who verifies its effects on their very own skin.

There is a whole range of variations and types of recipes, manufacturing technologies and development processes. Therefore, it is not possible for any single producer to develop the highest quality product possible for every type of cosmetics. The development of such a product takes many months or even years in order to properly test it and it may also require an investment into a special manufacturing technique.

Mandario Company cooperates with the best laboratories and developers of individual types of cosmetics. Therefore, we can offer our clients a cosmetic product of a very high quality according to their imagination for a very favourable price.

However, even if the cosmetic product is stellar but its packaging is unattractive, the numberof successful sales drops dramatically.



The Mandario Company offers its customers various possibilities of material, shape and design for all the cosmetic products. We possess exclusive licence for representation of the Eurovetrocap Company, one of the leading European companies supplying cosmetic packaging and perfume bottles. One of the advantages of this collaboration is the possibility to place small orders and to get competitiveprices. We are also able to deliver packaging from many other producers or even place an order for a custom packaging. This option, however, comes with minimal order of several tens of thousands of pieces.

We will design thepackaging according to your wishes and financial possibilities. There are many techniques that can be used to create an attractive design like transparent or non-transparent colouring or sanding of glass bottles and cups as well as various printing technologies (laser, silk-print) or simply using stickers or labels.

For more information about the cosmetic packaging see page cosmetics packaging.



Some cosmetic products can be also placed with their primary packaging into a secondary packaging, like a custom-made box,and wrappedin transparent foil. Wecan fashiona luxury brand of a wrinkle cream or any other product of that matter. It is also possible to use a group packaging of several products into a single big package.

Boxes can vary in paper thickness and in the presence of design elements on the surface like partial varnish, embossing, thermal printing or other forms of visual or mechanical differentiation.Your imagination is the only limit to the graphic design. We can also use more exotic materials than paper. 




In order to put your product on the EU market we will provide all the necessary legal documentation and licences. We will provide the:

  • Cosmetic Product Safety Report
  • Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP)registration 
  • Astress test of preservation
  • Dermatological tests — optional (these are not required by law)

Apart from complex custom cosmetics production,we can include certain steps of the production cycle. For example, we can provide just the design and packaging, the cosmetic base, the final product packaging and so on.