flakony pro parfémy

The Mandario Company offers a wide selection of perfume bottles. We have the exclusive dealership license for the Italian Eurovetrocap company for the Czech and Slovak markets. Through this collaboration, we can supply bottles of various shapes and sizes even in small quantities. The Eurovetrocap company also stocks most of its portfolio, helping avoid long delivery times.

We will also help you with getting a good price.

However, we can provide perfume bottles even from other suppliers. Whether you seek the cheapest components from China, India or Turkey or prefer renowned glassworks of Western Europe, we are here to help.

We also deliver accessories with the perfume bottle to make the perfume complete — the pump, lid and the collar.

With most bottles you can choose either a single use (hemming) or multi-use (screw) encapsulation.

Perfume bottles can be made of a transparent glass, tinted glass, coloured glass, matted glass, with a textile enclosure etc. There is nothing limiting your fantasy. The Mandario Company can provide the bottle decoration according to your wishes. An original design can be also created by using various printing technologies. Like laser, silk-screen print, pad print, colour burning or labelling and so on.

For those who are new tothis field we will explain some of the technologies of graphic placement on glass surface below:



Graphics and other visuals are burned to the surface of the perfume bottle. At the same time the surface of the bottle remains smooth. You will not feel any bumps or hurdles when touching it.



The silk screen printing is a technique originally used with silk. However, it can be used to print a graphic design on various materials.

The advantage of this technique is its low price, long durability of the print and an absolute colour stability. Therefore, it is the most used printing technology.

Special partial and relief varnishes are applied to the glass surface of the perfume bottle. These can be felt when sliding your finger across the surface. The final graphic design is slightly embossed on the glass on the scale of a tenth of a millimetre. The whole impression of the bottle is left untouched.



The pad printing together with the silk screen printing are two main techniques suitable for printing on glass packaging.

While the silk screen printing can be applied to a flat surface, the pad printing can be used on curved surfaces so we could say that where silk screen printing fails, the pad printing is the alternative option. The principle lies with the silicon pad that can apply a graphic image to the surface and as it is a very flexible material it can be used to transfer an image to curved or other non-flat surfaces.



A label is the cheapest option of putting graphic design on a glass bottle. It can be made from transparent material or from paper. A transparent label can nicely tune up the overall graphical design of the bottle. Although a paper label is used mostly for retro style perfumes, it can also create a beautiful modern product.



It is possible to create a custom perfume bottle. According to a client’s request, forms for the bottle are created and used for the custom perfume bottle production. The resulting bottle is an absolute original, but it is reasonable to perform this kind of operation for order quantity of tens of thousands of pieces.


Cut crystal glass bottles

For particular clients, we offer perfume bottles made from cut crystal glass in Czech glassworks. The level of design of these bottles is on the level of luxury perfume.

We can make these bottles even more special using a special engraving or combining them with a cut glass lid or a balloon pump.

We can tell you more in our showroom.


Everyone who is introducing new packed products to the EU market is also responsible for the waste disposal in accordance with the law. We belong to the system for recycling and waste disposal of the EKO-KOM Company. You can verify this information here.