A pleasantly perfumed car interior is likely to be appreciated by every driver and their crew. It can make a car ride more comfortable, cover any possible unpleasant odors and also beautifully decorate the interior. It can serve as  a great item for sale or a remarkable present for employees or clients.

Mandario Company offers several possible solutions to choose from while considering a car perfume project. Most often our cliends demand a car perfume bottled in a glass. This kind of product appears very simillar to an usual body perfume. It can be used for scenting anything from rugs, seats or the whole car interior. There is a small tag included in the package. If you apply the perfume on its surface the fragrance starts to diffuse slowly to the air.

You can choose from a variety of ready-made fragrances or have your own personal composition created. The perfume can be composed of the natural ingredients only.

Another kind of car perfume is a little glass bottle that can be hanged below the rearview mirror. When the bottle is turned upside down the fragrance soaks into the wooden cap. The wood then slowly releases the scent into the car interior. The main advantage of this solution is its design that catches the eye of every passenger right away. Unfortunatelly the fragrance may not last for very long if the bottle is turned upside down often. For the safety reasons it contains only 5 to 10 ml. Some of our clients might consider it an advantage. The sooner the bottle is empty the sooner their client comes back to buy a new piece.

Car perfumes can be made in all kinds off different forms. On the market you can find various scented plastic figures, car vent diffusers, scented boxes and canes and many other interesting devices and tools that spread a fragrance throug the car interior. We can collaborate with you on such projects as well. Our mission is to find a suitable fragrant solution.