Mandario Company, s.r.o. is the exclusive distributor for the Czech Republic of the New Aroma brand. This is a breakthrough novelty on the Czech market - diffusers with a disinfecting effect.

New Aroma company comes with professional diffusers for personal and commercial purposes, which it has developed thanks to decades of knowledge and experience in the field of aroma marketing.

These branded devices work on the principle of atomizing the perfumed aroma of oil, which is lighter than water. Thanks to which it floats in the air and evenly disinfects surfaces throughout the room.


- Enriched with a mixture of ingredients with a certified disinfecting effect (they work against bacteria, viruses and mold)

- The disinfectant component in our aroma oils is not harmful to health

- They provide a long-lasting effect when disinfecting the air and all surfaces in the room

- Suitable for all-day use

- Provide a long-lasting scent. Where they smell, they disinfect.

- Fragnances and disinfectant element are made in the European Union

- Can be used in places with allergics, asthmatics, children or pets

- A wide range of frangnances for various purposes (can scent and disinfect all areas from cars, offices, showrooms, hotels, salons, boutiques to exhibition halls)

- Provide fully automated aromatization and disinfection of any areas from 5m3 up to 15 000m3 


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