Like many other contemporary companies do, Mandario Company also strives for sustainable development. We offer not just products that contain raw materials obtained in a sustainable way but also recyclable and ecologically produced packaging.

Thanks to the collaboration with Eurovetrocap for which we have the exclusive dealership license for the Czech and Slovak markets we can offer you the cosmetic packaging made 90% from recycled materials as well as 100% recyclable solutions.

recyklované kosmetické obaly

recycled glass

Glass is a significant and easy to recycle secondary raw material that can be used many times over. Some glassworks that focus on the production of perfume bottles and cosmetic packaging for the Eurovetrocap Company prefer recycling glass to producing new glass. There is no need for any compromises as recycled glass is indistinguishable from newly produced glass!


recycled PET and HDPE packaging

Plastics as well as glass are one of the most common materials for the recycling. Recent technologies can easily process most types of plastic packaging.

Recycled materials used in the production process of the Eurovetrocap Company are of the food processing origin. This minimizes the risk of possible contamination by aggressive chemicals in the final packaging products. By choosing this packaging you contribute to lowering the overused crude oil extraction in the world. Recycled packaging is both ecological and economical choice.


Green PE

Did you know that polyethylene is a type of plastics that can be gained even from sugar cane processing? Properties of such PE are identical to its “sibling” made from the crude oil. It is recycled in the same way. But the production technology is significantly different, which in the case of sugar cane plastics, leads to much more environmentally friendly process. For every ton of Green PE produced 2.1 tons of COare sequestrated from the atmosphere. In 2018, the total COsequestered from the atmosphere was 219 kilo tons.


Everyone who is introducing new packed products to the EU market is also responsible for the waste disposal in accordance with the law. We belong to the system for recycling and waste disposal of the EKO-KOM Company. You can verify this information here.