A reed diffuser is the most common product for scenting and decorating an interior. It can serve as  a great item for sale or a remarkable present for employees or clients.

Mandario Company provides a full servis in manufacturing these products. We provide everything from the frangrance itself, glass bottles, boxes, final wrapping in an transparent foil and the legislative documentation required by the EU law.

The price of an aroma diffuser is always set individually and it is defined by the quantity of order, type of the fragrance composition, the packaging and the other components. We always try to satisfy our clients' needs. We are able to produce very luxury and expensive reed diffusers with sophisticated packaging as well as low cost ones. 


The core of any home diffuser is its pleasant scent. Mandario Company offers a wide selection of ready-made compositions. These compositions fall into the several categories: natural, aroma-therapeutic, flowery, fruity, citrus, exotic, clealiness and freshness and gourmand. We can also develop a custom-made scent according to your wish. In case your target group of customers struggles with unpleasant smells we can add an odour absorbing substances to any composition.



Reed diffusers are purchased not only for their main function of distributing a scent througout the interior but also for their appearance as an home decor. Therefore choosing the right design of your product is essential. We suggest to pay attention to the packaging.

We offer a wide selection of shapes and sizes of bottles available even from a few hundreds of pieces. We are an exclusive dealer of the Eurovetrocap company on the Czech and Slovak markets. We can also provide bottles from many other suppliers or we can have them custom-made.

The design of the bottle can be customized according to your wish and budget. A great number of techniques can be used from the transparent or non-transparent colouring, sanding, printing (laser, silk screen, pad print etc.) to variety of stickers or labels.



Every product that is being placed on the EU market must comply with the legislative regulations. We are willing to help you with the preparation of these documents.