Laundry perfumes are a modern, gentle replacement for a conventional fabric softener. It is a specially formulated composition of perfume oils and softening agents that gives fabrics a soft structure and long-lasting scent. The product can also be described as a perfumed washing oil or an oil-based fabric softener.






Laundry perfumes are specific for their high concentration of perfumed oils. Only about 5 ml of the product is enough to scent 1 load of laundry. Compared to a regular fabric softener, 1 bottle of this perfumed wahing oil lasts much longer.



If you would like to have this unique laundry oil in your own portfolio, we will send you more detailed information and an indicative price list. The prices are variable and depend mainly on the price and concentration of each ingredient. The quality of all our laundry fragrances is uniform.



We offer our customers a very wide portfolio of laundry fragrances. Based on any specification (e.g. floral, oriental, orange, clean scent, etc.) we prepare and send several samples of oil-based fabric softeners for testing.



The packaging of the oil based laundry fragrances must be specific in material. Therefore we have preselected a range of bottles from our portfolio. Because the most of our clients start with the first batch of less than 1,000 pcs, we made the preselection mainly from the bottles available in smaller quantities. However, we offer the possibility to visit our showroom in Prague, where we have an exhibition of a broad variety of solutions. In addition to manufacturing laundry perfumes, we specialize in the sale of cosmetic packaging. We have an exclusive representation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for several European suppliers.



The oil-based laundry perfumes, as well as the conventional fabric softeners and detergents, fall under the European chemical legislation. It is therefore necessary to draw up a Safety Data Sheet, register the product in the ECHA database and label the packaging correctly. We will deal with all the legalities for you and prepare brief and clear instructions for use of the mandatory texts and symbols on the label.



If you have your own graphic designer, we will supply you with all the materials to prepare the graphics and visualisation of your laundry oil perfume. If you want help with the graphic design, logo creation or visualization, we offer the help of our graphic designer who has extensive experience with similar projects.



Based on your choice of a fragrance, packaging and quantity, we will put together a final quote for the production of your washing oil perfume. Once agreed and upon the deposit payment, we set up a production schedule, which is always based on the availability of the selected components, ingredients and the current workload.