Unlike bakers most of the businessmen cannot offer a product with a pleasant smell, look and taste. That is  what we are here for. We offer a complex solution for scenting interiors, commonly reffered to as a scent marketing.


Scent marketing, či ovoňování prostor je účinnou metodu pro dotvoření příjemné atmosféry v komerčních prostorách. V zájmu každého obchodníka je to, aby se jeho zákazníci či hosté cítili v jeho zázemí příjemně a strávili zde co nejvíce času.

Scent marketing is an effective way to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in any interior. Every businessman desires their customers to feel well in their store or office.



The concept of the interior scenting is based on an instalation of an aroma system. This system consists of an electronic air-condition machine and a specifically modified fragrance. The machine slowly releases a  vapour that contains the essential oils. This leads to a continuously pleasantly scented interior. 



There are different types of electronic devices used for scenting. The solution is always individual and depends on the exact parameters of the room. The devices can be either a part of your interior design or completely hidden from the eyes of your clients. They are usually very easy to use. They can be set up to work only in certain daily hours.




We offer a wide portfolio of fragrances to scent your interior. You can choose from various types such as natural, aromatherapy, floral, fruity, citrus, exotic, clean and fresh and gourmand. We can also develop a unique composition according to your wish.

We can help you with the choice of a fragrance and suggest a suitable solution according to the nature and purpose of your space. The fragrance recipe can then be easily used to scent other products in your portfolio, such as home diffusers, aromatherapy candles, massage oils, perfumes or other cosmetics.



We can effectively help clients who need to cover up any odour. We can add special substances to any fragrance that absorb and neutralize the odor. The fragrance does not overlap with the odour and has a clean and fresh effect.



You don’t need to worry about your health while using our aroma systems. All of our scents are certified as harmless to health. We also offer pure natural compositions.



To ensure that your premises smell evenly and that the scent is sufficient but not too strong, it is advisable to have our technician visit you first. If the visit is not possible, we also offer a consultation via the internet or over the phone. We will then provide installation, instructions and regular servicing of the selected device.