Unlike bakers most of the businessmen cannot offer a product with a pleasant smell, look and taste. That is  what we are here for. We offer a complex solution for scenting interiors, commonly reffered to as a scent marketing.

Scent marketing is an effective way to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in any interior. Every businessman wants their customers to feel well in their store or the office.



The concept of the interior scenting is based on an instalation of an aroma system. This system consists of an electronic air-condition machine and a specifically modified fragrance. The machine slowly releases a  vapour that contains the essential oils. This leads to a continuously pleasantly scented interior.



Mandario Company offers fully electronic diffusers. They are easy to controll and can be set up to operate just within certain periods of time during the day. The latest types can be even controlled via the internet.



We can offer a fragrance according to your wish. It is possible to have a unique composition created by the parfumer or to choose from a veriety of ready-made scents. These scents can be characterized as natural, aroma-therapeutic, flowery, fruity, citrus, exotic, purity, freshness and gourmand.

We can adjust the scent to the characteristics and purpose of your business interior. The composition can be also easily used for scenting other products of your portfolio like home reed diffusers, aroma-therapeutic candles, massage oils, perfumes or any other cosmetics.


The odour absorption

We can provide a solution even for those clients who struggle with unpleasant smells. To any composition we can add a special substance also called an odor absorbent. This absorbent will neutralize the unpleasant orours while the essential oils take care of the pleasant scenting.



You don’t need to worry about your health while using our aroma systems. All of our scents are certified as harmless to health. We also offer pure natural compositions.


installation and maintenance

Before we make any offer a technician visits your facility and evaluates the interiors. We would also like to learn about your intentions and preferences. Based on this information we will prepare an offer tailored just to your project. It will include the fragrance composition and the suggestion of the placement of the aroma devices.

The installation itself is a non-invasive procedure. We will test the system and adjust it for an easy and economic use. If necessary we will take care of all the maintenance and repair. We can also calculate the time period for replacing the cartridge and provide an automatic refill.

We sell aroma machines or rent them for a monthly fee. The price starts at 300 CZK per month per machine. The warranty is 2 years.