Candles are the best selling scented products in the world. They can be either one of the items of your portfolio of products or a beautiful present for your clients and employees. A candle may become a bestselling item as well as a piece of art in any interior.

Mandario Company offers you a private label candle manufacturing. We produce paraffin, palm or soy wax candles. In the full service we create a unique design of the candle as well as the packaging.

výroba svíček

You can define the shape of the candle in any way you like. The candle can be free-standing or in a glass, coloured or transparent, scented or not. During the production phase, we use high quality raw materials from verified sources. We can produce even a wholly natural product upon request. In case you are looking for a special design we can also provide candles with a wooden wick.

If you become our business partner we can offer you the  possibility of creating a unique scent of your brand. This scent can be used throughout various products of your portfolio. Your original fragrance can be composed into an interior fragrance or an aroma reed diffuser, a classic perfume or a car perfume, different kinds of cosmetic products, scented envelopes, packages, business cards and many  other scented items.